A few words on the name and logo...

Q: I've never heard of "yachay" before., what does it mean?

A: Yachay (pronouced ya-shay) means 'knowledge' in the Quechua language and is indigenous to the Inca people of South America, and more specifically Peru. Many Inca people were native Shamans, and the logo design is a variation of an Inca cross.

Q: Why all this talk of shamans?

A: It's incredibly important to me that plans, services, and interactions with Yachay Consulting are put out into the universe and to clients/prospective clients with the best of intentions, the greatest ethical standards, and for the highest good of all people involved. It's been my experience that the best way to achieve this is through utilizing shamanic healing techniques. The subject matter, services provided, et cetera don't have anything to do with religious or spiritual-based practice. Rather, you can think of it as a specific approach I take to the work in which I center the services or training provided with what is needed for the most positive social change to occur. For example, when embarking on a new project I may sit in meditation visualizing people who have learned a lot from the training I will provide and imagining the ways in which those newly trained individuals will act and ultimately create even more good in the world.


Q: Are the services you provide religious-based?

A: Absolutely not. Explanations are provided about the name and logo to give prospective clients an idea of the seriousness and ways in which I approach this work. This will not be discussed unless it is something a client would like to discuss. Perhaps the easiest way to think about this is similar to a person who may personally pray before a training or advocacy action to ask that it is successful and is well received by the intendeded audience.