Training & Technical Assistance

Yachay Consulting has a strong dedication to providing informative, interactive training that leaves a lasting knowledge and creates change. We've trained and provided technical assistance to numerous audiences including:

  • Attorneys and judges
  • Law enforcement, probation and parole officers
  • Teachers and school personnel
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault advocates and survivors
  • State cabinet appointees
  • K-12 and college aged youth
  • Government and nonprofit staff
  • Long term care and assisted living professionals
  • Therapists, social workers, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals

Ms. Loudermilk is a content expert in LGBTQ issues, domestic violence, sexual assault, youth suicide and mental health, and legislative advocacy. She has personally trained over 10,000 professionals on working with and providing services to LGBTQ individuals. Past training topics have included everything from housing rights and legal protections for survivors, to how to prevent dual arrests in same-sex domestic violence cases, to vicarious trauma and self-care.

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